Wednesday, Aug 30, 2023
Update At 12:00    USD/EUR 0,92  ↑+0.001        USD/JPY 146,24  ↑+0.368        USD/KRW 1.321,31  ↑+3.12        EUR/JPY 158,91  ↑+0.23        Crude Oil 85,80  ↑+0.31        Asia Dow 3.418,86  ↑+17.15        TSE 1.934,00  ↑+1        Japan: Nikkei 225 32.529,72  ↑+302.75        S. Korea: KOSPI 2.571,80  ↑+19.64        China: Shanghai Composite 3.138,78  ↑+2.8948        Hong Kong: Hang Seng 18.615,13  ↑+131.1        Singapore: Straits Times 3,29  ↑+0.008        DJIA 22,02  ↑+0.05        Nasdaq Composite 13.943,76  ↑+238.626        S&P 500 4.497,63  ↑+64.32        Russell 2000 1.895,54  ↑+26.5312        Stoxx Euro 50 4.326,47  ↑+32.78        Stoxx Europe 600 459,83  ↑+4.42        Germany: DAX 15.930,88  ↑+138.27        UK: FTSE 100 7.464,99  ↑+126.41        Spain: IBEX 35 9.581,20  ↑+91.1        France: CAC 40 7.373,43  ↑+48.72        

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