Wednesday, Aug 30, 2023
Update At 12:00    USD/EUR 0,92  ↑+0.001        USD/JPY 146,24  ↑+0.368        USD/KRW 1.321,31  ↑+3.12        EUR/JPY 158,91  ↑+0.23        Crude Oil 85,80  ↑+0.31        Asia Dow 3.418,86  ↑+17.15        TSE 1.934,00  ↑+1        Japan: Nikkei 225 32.529,72  ↑+302.75        S. Korea: KOSPI 2.571,80  ↑+19.64        China: Shanghai Composite 3.138,78  ↑+2.8948        Hong Kong: Hang Seng 18.615,13  ↑+131.1        Singapore: Straits Times 3,29  ↑+0.008        DJIA 22,02  ↑+0.05        Nasdaq Composite 13.943,76  ↑+238.626        S&P 500 4.497,63  ↑+64.32        Russell 2000 1.895,54  ↑+26.5312        Stoxx Euro 50 4.326,47  ↑+32.78        Stoxx Europe 600 459,83  ↑+4.42        Germany: DAX 15.930,88  ↑+138.27        UK: FTSE 100 7.464,99  ↑+126.41        Spain: IBEX 35 9.581,20  ↑+91.1        France: CAC 40 7.373,43  ↑+48.72        


EnergyMarch 21, 2018

Kuwait Ministry of Oil & KPC to host 5th Kuwait Oil & Gas Summit alongside CWC Group in Kuwait City

Kuwait is planning to invest $112 billion in the next five years in the oil and gas sector to boost production, the CEO of Kuwait Petroleum Corp. said, therefore now is the ideal time to explore business opportunities in Kuwait.


ManufacturingMarch 27, 2023

It all begins with an innovative spirit

From the invention of a revolutionary hydraulic lathe to the development of leading-edge pick-and-place machines, Fuji’s pursuit of innovation has been present throughout its history.

ManufacturingAugust 3, 2023

Teikoku ready to provide next-gen pumping globally

Teikoku Electric provides fully customizable canned motor pumps for a range of industries.

ManufacturingAugust 2, 2023

Moripax aims to change the future of logistics with total packaging solutions

Playing a hidden but indispensable role behind the scenes, Moripax aims to change the future of logistics through its innovation, while also becoming a key supporter of a sustainable circular economy.

ManufacturingSeptember 19, 2011

AK Saeed Group set to further diversify at home and abroad

Since its inception, the AK Saeed Group has built close and enduring relationships with major international companies
ManufacturingAugust 3, 2023

Japan's Robotics Edge: Automation amid Shifting Demographics

Discover how Daiki Sangyo navigates the challenging terrain of Japan's aging population and shrinking labor pool by pushing the frontiers of automation and robotics technology.

Tourism & CultureNovember 5, 2012

Diversifying beyond traditional appeals

Mexico has given tourism, both at home and abroad, extra impetus through higher budget allocation and greater exposure at the G20
ManufacturingSeptember 19, 2011

Gain motivation and information at the Chamber of Commerce

The Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) was founded in 1946, making it the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s oldest such group. The chamber’s goal is straightforward: to “be the major driver and motivator for economic growth and business sector development in Jeddah”.
ManufacturingNovember 5, 2012

See Mexico by land with Senda

Monterrey-based bus company Grupo Senda transports more than 54 million passengers per year
Tourism & CultureNovember 5, 2012

The best products from Mexico to your table

The Mexican government established a producers’ support agency and seal of quality to ensure excellence in food exports