Wednesday, Aug 30, 2023
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SDGs the focus as Ibara Seiki branches out

Article - April 19, 2023

At Ibara Seiki, a major Japanese automotive parts company founded in 1944, the core philosophy is "creation of security", says the firm’s president, Kazuhiko Ueno.


Contributing to society by working towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, established in 2015, is also key to Ibara Seiki’s activities. “Our mission for 2030 is based on the SDGs, and specifically, we started making CO2 reductions in our contribution to the environment even before the SDGs,” Mr. Ueno says.

Having implemented a management philosophy to reduce the use of raw materials and to manufacture in an environmentally friendly way in 2011, Ibara Seiki aims to “contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality in the future”, he explains.

Prioritizing a positive social impact is typical of Japanese businesses – and it serves to boost their potential, Mr. Ueno explains: “Because of this noble purpose, we don’t give up easily when faced with a manufacturing challenge, and it is possible to overcome anything by digging and exploring.”                      

In an industry in which “a lot of changes are happening”, Mr. Ueno notes, Ibara Seiki is “speedily adapting to the electrification of car systems”, producing a “new generation” of components not only for electric vehicles – whose market share is growing – but also for non-EVs.

While automotive parts are its core business, Ibara Seiki also provides solutions as a robot system integrator and, working with partner company Cyberdyne, has entered the wearable cyborgs market, too. “We also want to develop wellness products such as disinfectant stands,” Mr. Ueno says.

Having established joint ventures in China and Indonesia, Ibara Seiki’s international focus is on consolidating its partnerships in those two countries, he says. “But we are always open to communication with potential companies.”